Monday, October 27, 2014

Dedicated Mac Hosting from $59

Dedicated from $59 via

Mac Mini - Intel Core i5 Dual Core
Proc: 2.5GHz Intel Core i5 Dual Core
HDD: 500 GB 
Port Speed: 100 mbps (dedicated)
Bandwidth: 1000 GB
IPs: 2
Access: Remote Power Control and Reboot
Price: $59/month

Mac Mini - Intel Core i7 Quad Core
Proc: 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 Quad Core
HDD: 1000 GB 
Port Speed: 100 mbps (dedicated)
Bandwidth: 1000 GB
IPs: 2
Access: Remote Power Control and Reboot
Price: $79/month

Mac Mini - Intel Core i7 Quad Core with 2 x HDD
Proc: 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 Quad Core
HDD: 2 x 1000 GB 
Port Speed: 100 mbps (dedicated)
Bandwidth: 1000 GB
IPs: 2
Access: Remote Power Control and Reboot
Price: $99/month

24/7/365 Support
1 hr SLA
White glove service
Dedicated Account Manager

Clarity Mac Hosting operates two top-tier data N+1 data centers in the Greater Toronto Area. The Data Centers located at 151 Front Street and 20 Pullman Court in Markam hosts all production infrastructure. 

Proactive and preventative maintenance of our backend infrastructure produces a reliable and stable architecture for your Mac server. Our Data Centers are equipped with redundant backbone internet feeds to ensure reliable connectivity. Generators are on standby in the event of a power outage and manned personnel guard the building's entry points. All system are switched and routed via high available Cisco Core Switching, Juniper Routing and Juniper Firewalls.

The Data Centers are equipped with redundant UPS, diesel generators, HVAC and FM200 fire suppression systems.

We are the leaders in the industry for hosting your MAC Servers. Under the Dedicated Mac Mini model, we will be responsible for all hardware related issues. 

Infrastructure: Monitored ID Card access, man trap doors, CCTV (Closed Circuit TVs), patrolling security guards.

Contact us at for a quote or visit us at

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

No Deployment Fees on all New Servers


Clarity Mac Hosting

Mac Mini Hosting

Mac Colocation from $25/month
Mac Dedicated Servers from $59/month

USB attached Hard Drive (Time Machine Backups or Carbon Copy)

Dedicated Servers

Managed Dedicated Servers from $109/month

Service Monitors
Low Disk space / High CPU / Memory Utilization


Colocate Servers from $125/month

Firewall Services
Agent Backups

Virtualization Hosted Solutions 

Totally Customized Solutions
Load Balancing
Managed Dedicated Firewalls

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Get a FREE iPad

Free iPad

Get a FREE iPad

When you sign up for a new Hex Core Dedicated Server

Clarity Super Micro Hosted Dedicated Servers
Enterprise Dedicated Servers

Keep your Web, Application and Database Servers online, all the time. Customize your configurations with multi-core processors and RAM. For resource intensive workloads, choose from SATA, SAS 10/15K and SSD hard drives configured in any RAID Level. (Hardware based controller)
*only Hex Core models qualify. Learn more

Clarity Mac Mini Dedicated Servers

Mac Dedicated Servers

Our Mac Server hosting architecture and infrastructure provides ultimate High Availability for your Mac cloud. Swap or add an SSD drive for faster I/O .Add an on board or external drive for backups, cloning or extra storage. Learn More

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Clarity Hosted Solutions announces

Clarity Hosted Solutions is pleased to announce its launch of Our Apple division was revamped to provide an Apple look and feel for our receptive audience. Mac server hosting options such as Mac Mini colocation and Mac Mini dedicated servers are offered to supplement our Apple fan base under this chapter. Clarity Hosted Solutions consists of Clarity Web Hosting and Clarity Mac Hosting. The Clarity Web Hosting division is geared towards hosting Windows, Linux, and other non-Apple enterprise solutions. The Mac Hosting division utilizes the Mac Cloud infrastructure using Apple servers. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

The Clarity team

Sunday, December 8, 2013

IT managers are increasingly replacing servers with SaaS

Cloud providers take on a bigger share of the servers as overall market starts declining

IT managers want to cut the number of servers they manage, or at least slow the growth, and they may be succeeding, according to new data.

IDC expects that anywhere from 25% to 30% of all the servers shipped next year will be delivered to cloud services providers.

In three years, 2017, nearly 45% of all the servers leaving manufacturers will be bought by cloud providers.

"What that means is a lot of people are buying SaaS," said Frank Gens, referring to software-as-a-service. "A lot of capacity if shifting out of the enterprise into cloud service providers."

The increased use of SaaS is a major reason for the market shift, but so is virtualization to increase server capacity. Data center consolidations are eliminating servers as well, along with the purchase of denser servers capable of handling larger loads.

For sure, IT managers are going to be managing physical servers for years to come. But, the number will be declining, based on market direction and the experience of IT managers.

Two years ago, when Mark Endry became the CIO and SVP of U.S. operations for Arcadis, a global consulting, design and engineering company, the firm was running its IT in-house.

"We really put a stop to that," said Endry. Arcadis is moving to SaaS, either to add new services or substitute existing ones. An in-house system is no longer the default, he added.

"Our standard RFP for services says it must be SaaS,' said Endry.

Arcadis has added Workday, a SaaS-based HR management system, replaced an in-house training management system with a SaaS system, and an in-house ADP HR system was replaced with a service. The company is also planning a move to Office 365, and will stop running its in-house Exchange and SharePoint servers.

As a result, in the last two years, Endry has kept the server count steady at 1,006 spread through three data centers. He estimates that without the efforts at virtualization, SaaS and other consolidations, they would have more 200 more physical servers.

Endry would like to consolidate the three data centers into one, and continue shifting to SaaS to avoid future maintenance costs, and also the need to customize and maintain software. SaaS can't yet be used for everything, particularly ERP, but "my goal would be to really minimize the footprint of servers," he said.

Similarly, Gerry McCartney, CIO of Purdue University is working to cut server use and switch more to SaaS.

The university's West Lafayette, Ind., campus had some 65 data centers two years ago, many small. Data centers at Purdue are defined as any room with additional power and specialized heavy duty cooling equipment. They have closed at least 28 of them in the last 18 months.

The Purdue consolidation is the result of several broad directions: increased virtualization, use of higher density systems, and increase use of SaaS.

McCartney wants to limit the university's server management role. "The only things that we are going to retain on campus is research and strategic support," he said. That means that most, if not all, of the administrative functions may be moved off campus.

This shift to cloud-based providers is roiling the server market, and is expected to help send server revenue down 3.5% this year, according to IDC.

Gens says that one trend among users who buy servers is increasing interest in converged or integrated systems that combine server, storage, networking and software. They account now about for about 10% of the market, and are expected to make up 20% by 2020.

Meanwhile, the big cloud providers are heading in the opposite direction, and are increasingly looking for componentized systems they can assemble, Velcro-like, in their data centers. This has given rise to contract, or original design manufacturers (ODM), mostly overseas, who make these systems for cloud systems.


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