Friday, May 27, 2011

During a recent business trip I came a across an article in the airline magazine labeled "People Person." In the table of contents, you see a formidable business man in a pin striped black suit. When you read into the article further the title becomes clear. The article describes the CEO of Cannon USA's approach to his customers and clients on how they turned into a 35 billion dollar company (in revenue). Yes I know what you are saying, “I have heard this before.” We read of these seemingly simple success stories every day and sometimes is it necessary to put it into perspective. What stood out the most about what he said in the article was, "My greatest joy, is seeing my employees smile."

Running an organization with 2300 employees and having each one smile might not be achievable, and one may assume that it will be more attainable in a smaller organization of about 10 - 50 employees. However, small businesses are victim to this fate as well as they tend to invest heavily into growing the company by pushing its resources into sales and marketing, budget cutting and a lack of employee appreciation events. So, how does the president of a small organization keep employees excited about the bottom line and at the same time, smiling?

Well "Solutions To Go" COO said it simply, profit sharing. When her employees were asked to work overtime they smiled because they understand that working overtime will contribute self profit and promotion. Most of her employees saw a bonus last year of approximately $23,000 each. Think of it, being asked to work overtime and knowing that your efforts are directly related to the bonus you get, as you benefit from the overall profitability of the company. This will surely make you smile.

Understanding that your employees are the biggest assets of your company takes priority as they are a reflection of the company’s image. No matter the size of your organization, a high turn over rate of staff will always cut into profits due to training. Emphasis on human resources is vital to an organization and making an employee a valued shareholder, not only means a share in the profit, but a share in vision for future growth.

- Brule @ Clarity