Monday, July 1, 2013

Colocation Services Bandwidth Upgrades

Colocation services for serious businesses who need redundancy, security and high availability.

$125 - 1U Rack Space - 1000 GB
$200 - 2U Rack Space - 2000 GB
$300 - 4U Rack Space - 5000 GB
$450 - 10U (1/4 Cab) - 1 Mb/s
$700 - 21U Unit Space (1/2 Cab) - 2 Mb/s
$1100 - 42U Unit Space - 3 Mb/s

Linux 3.10 released

This release adds support for bcache, which allows to use SSD devices to cache data from other block devices; a Btrfs format improvement that makes the tree dedicated to store extent information 30-35% smaller; support for XFS metadata checksums and self-describing metadata, timerless multitasking, SysV IPC, rwlock and mutex scalability improvements, a TCP Tail loss probe algorithm that reduces tail latency of short transactions, KVM virtualization support in the MIPS architecture, support for the ARM big.LITTLE architecture that mixes CPUs of different types, tracing snapshots, new drivers and many small improvements.